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November 2020 – OEC Acquires Business Intelligence Provider Summit Consulting Int’l, Inc.

Acquisition brings analytics and insights that enable OEC to leverage data and deliver increased value to the customer

OEConnection (OEC), the leading automotive technology provider for original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) distribution networks, announced today that it has acquired Summit Consulting Int’l, Inc. (SCI), a business intelligence (BI) consulting and solutions provider to the automotive industry.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SCI is an industry-leading services and solutions provider focused on transforming the way automotive OEMs, dealers and their customers receive, manage, distribute and communicate actionable information. The company is well known for using data to help their clients increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen owner loyalty.

As the automotive industry’s leading provider of SaaS-based solutions for original equipment parts, OEC is known for its exceptional data management, ecommerce, pricing, supply chain, cataloging, service and business intelligence solutions across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. OEC is the only provider to offer solutions in each market segment, providing an unmatched suite of solutions that focus exclusively on OEMs, their dealer networks and repairers. An industry-leader in BI, SCI brings the vision, analytics and insights to enable OEC to leverage data on the buy side and deliver increased value to the customer.

“We very much look forward to this partnership and are pleased to welcome SCI to the OEC family. SCI has an incredible reputation with its clients in the business intelligence space and we are extremely happy to be joining forces. Together, we are better positioned to serve all our customers,” remarked Patrick Brown, OEC President & CEO. “We are excited to partner with Bob McDonald and the SCI team to expand our collective BI capabilities.”

“This is a very exciting time for the SCI team,” added Bob McDonald, President of SCI. “OEC has a tremendous track record of delivering value to its customers. OEC’s proven, high-quality solutions, combined with SCI’s domain expertise and BI platform, position us as a clear leader in this space. I look forward to partnering with OEC to deliver even more value to our customers.”

April 2020 – Lexus Partners with PSX

In support of dealers’ wholesale parts sales growth and in an effort to enhance dealer business operations, Lexus has partnered with Summit Consulting to offer Parts Sales Xcellerator (PSX) to manage dealers’ parts sales to outside businesses at a discounted OEM rate. Beginning April 1, 2020, all PSX billing will go through Lexus and will be included on Lexus Parts Statements.

March 2020 – SCI develops parts conquest program audit service for Southeast Toyota Distributors

Part sales incentive programs, where dealers submit their customer orders for rebates to OEs or distributors, can be plagued by inaccuracies stemming from the submitted orders differing from the final sale information. SCI has developed a standard process for auditing these programs where SCI can identify where issues are occurring. Southeast Toyota Distributors (SET) recently engaged SCI to help them apply this audit process to one of their programs. SCI worked with SET to identify the appropriate business rules for identifying inaccurate submissions, and SET is now receiving monthly reports that help them see where they need to adjust their monthly payouts. To find out more about the SCI Program Audit Process contact us.

January 2020 – SCI collaborates with TMNA to refine the TCCC program for 2020

The Collision Team from Toyota Motors North America, SCI and other stakeholders collaborated to refine and update the Toyota Certified Collision Center program for 2020. The group used the Toyota PDCA Process (Plan – Do – Check – Act) to review every aspect of the program, the impact each area has on Toyota owners and its dealers and made changes as necessary to continue to ensure Toyota Dealers can provide the best collision repair for their owners.

October 2019 – Lexus selects SCI to develop Lexus Authorized Collision Center Program

Lexus selected SCI to develop and manage their new Lexus Authorized Collision Center (LACC) Program. The LACC program will enable dealers to sponsor an independent collision center in their market to help ensure Lexus owners receive an outstanding collision repair experience. SCI has managed the Lexus Certified Collision Center dealer program since its inception in 2006.

September 2019 – SCI hosted Mopar Master’s Guild leadership in Dallas

The SCI PSX product team met with the Mopar Master’s Guild Leadership to listen to their insights on PSX and how they utilize it in their day-to-day business. SCI also discussed the PSX product roadmap features coming soon, potential new features, and what the guild leadership thought would make PSX even more useful for their continued growth. The Mopar Master’s Guild published an article about the meeting in their quarterly newsletter. See a copy of that content here.

July 2019 – SCI Presents PSX to OEM Collision Repair Roundtable

SCI presented its wholesale parts CRM application, Parts Sales Xcellerator (PSX), to the OEM Collision Repair Roundtable at their quarterly meeting in Indianapolis, IN. The SCI team reviewed PSX’s easy to use features and how the manufactures and their dealers can leverage PSX as a tool to drive increased collision parts sales. PSX is a powerful parts software solution specifically designed for the wholesale parts environment.

May 2019 – Lexus Certified Collision Center Program

The SCI team communicated the details of the revised Lexus Certified Collision Center (LCCC) Program to the Lexus dealers at the annual LCCC Performance Group Meeting in Plano, TX. Lexus’ emphasis on Safety, Quality and Operational Efficiency is evident throughout the program and is certain to raise the standard of guest experience. In addition, the Lexus Repair Planning process will become a requirement in 2020, and SCI was selected to pilot the implementation process with LCCC dealers.

May 2019 – Toyota Certified Collision Center Annual Performance Group Meeting

SCI guided a group of over 100 TCCC dealer attendees through an in-depth review of their financial performance at the annual TCCC Performance Group Meeting held at Toyota’s North America Headquarters in Plano, Texas. Using SCI’s financial composite, and with discussion led by Bob McDonald, the dealers received real world examples from their peers on how to improve their operations and financial performance.

May 2019 – GM Parts Product Line Data in PSX

With the support of General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales (CCA), GM wholesaling dealerships that leverage PSX are now able to better analyze their wholesale parts business with the inclusion of GM Parts Product Line, Subline codes and descriptions into PSX. This further enables PSX dealers to segment customers, identify sales opportunities based on purchase history, and grow associated parts sales.

January 2019 – Toyota Motor North America Wholesale Incentive Tracking

Beginning in 2019 Toyota Motor North America will be using SCI’s PSX platform to track and report wholesale incentives for dealers on their Star Elite wholesale parts program.  Dealers will have access to PSX, the industry’s leading Wholesale Parts CRM Analytics tool, as well as to robust reporting that includes their wholesale incentive calculation.

November 2018 – Lexus Certified Collision Center (LCCC) Program

Lexus selected SCI to continue as their partner to manage the LCCC program on behalf of Lexus and the Lexus dealer body.  SCI has been managing the LCCC program since the program’s inception in 2006.  As part of the new agreement, SCI and Lexus will continue to evolve the LCCC program to focus on creating an excellent guest experience while providing safe, quality repairs completely with operational efficiency.

October 2018 – PSX is Mopar One Eligible

PSX continues to gain support from major OEMs, now adding FCA to its list of distinguished OEMs that provide marketing funds to support dealers wholesale parts efforts.  Dealers will now be able to claim up to 100% reimbursement (through May 2019) and 50% reimbursement thereafter from their Mopar One funds.  FCA clearly sees the unique value PSX can provide as a CRM to support their parts wholesaling dealers’ sales growth efforts.

October 2018 – Mopar Master Guild

PSX is now a Tier I sponsor for the Mopar Masters Guild (MMG).  PSX is excited to partner with one of the automotive industries premier parts wholesaling organizations.  MMG members are all top volume FCA dealers focused on growing their sales of OEM parts.  The MMG partners with only select companies and vendors that are capable of supporting their efforts to be among the best automotive parts wholesalers in the industry.

April – June 2018 – General Motors Regional Wholesale Parts Meetings

SCI was honored to present PSX at three of GM’s Customer Care and Aftersales regional parts wholesale meetings in the 2nd quarter of 2018.  Recognized as SMEs in the parts wholesaling space, SCI was able to demonstrate how PSX software can assist dealers in development existing clients, while growing and expanding their list of new clients.  In addition, PSX meets the requirements of a CRM tool and support dealers’ efforts to expand their BDC’s into their wholesale parts departments.

March 2017 – General Motors Invites SCI Team to Present PSX’s Wholesale Growth Strategies at Regional Meeting

SCI has been tagged as a subject matter expert on growing wholesale parts operations, and the GM Customer Care and After Sales group featured SCI’s PSX auto parts solution at its Western Regional Wholesaler Meeting. Showcasing PSX in action, SCI demonstrated how GM dealerships are using the software to increase sales among existing clients and build new business. Attendees learned how they can better understand the unique buying habits of wholesale customers, as well as how this information can be used to deliver targeted services, meet customers’ evolving needs and grow accounts.

March 2017 – Maserati Selects SCI to Support the Maserati Certified Bodyshop (MCB) Program

Upholding its longstanding commitment to deliver repair  standards and a customer experience worthy of the Maserati  brand, the company has launched the Maserati Certified  Bodyshop (MCB) Program with SCI by its side. Maserati turned  to SCI based on it years of experience building and  overseeing manufacturer backed collision repair  certification programs. SCI is helping Maserati with the  implementation, development and management of the MCB  Program, including training and certification programs,  equipment and facility standards, access to technical  information, audit/action plans, CSI monitoring/support  services, web based tracking and reporting, and more. The  MCB Program is designed to increase customer satisfaction  and retention, maintaining brand integrity and adhering to  consistent standards that meet manufacturer  specifications. 

February 2017 – AutoNation Uses PSX to Grow Wholesale Parts Sales

AutoNation, which has utilized PSX to power their wholesale parts growth since 2015, rolled out new customized PSX reporting to their dealer network. SCI customized its PSX application for the AutoNation network, aligning the CRM capabilities of PSX to track, assess and extract the exact information that is most relevant to AutoNation’s parts sales. The reports provide the necessary insight for AutoNation’s dealers to not only understand, but act on customer buying habits, creating meaningful wholesale retention and growth opportunities.

February 2017 – SCI Contributes Critical Collision Insights at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Event

Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, one of the largest dealer groups in America with 85 independent dealerships, held its National Collision Performance Group Meeting in Irving Texas, and SCI executives were invited to provide perspective on dealer group trends in collision repair operations, standards and service. SCI has been a longtime business partner of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive and has been key in the growth and success of its collision network, helping its dealerships operate more effectively while creating and maintaining an exceptional customer experience.

January 2017 – Subaru of America Partners with SCI to Roll out PSX to its Dealer Network

Subaru is now offering SCI’s PSX tool to its network of dealers so that they can streamline their wholesales parts businesses. Using invoicing data as the basis for real-time, customized reports, Subaru dealerships are able to recognize the specific buying habits and pinpoint trends of their wholesale customers, including those accounts that show declining activity. The actionable data helps Subaru dealerships personalize sales activities and deliver an experience targeted to meet their customers’ exact needs. PSX empowers Subaru dealerships to not only increase customer service and sales for its existing wholesale parts accounts, but also market to and sign new accounts.

October 2016 – Porsche and SCI Partner on Certified Collision Program

Working with Porsche Cars North America, SCI has been selected to manage and administer the Porsche Certified Collision program, which ensures Porsche’s collision centers adhere to the company’s reputable repair standards. With decades of experience in collision center certification, SCI delivers training to Porsche service shops on the latest repair technologies and methodologies, and well as communication and service best practices so that they can continue to deliver a consistently positive customer experience.

June 2016 – Ford Selects SCI’s PSX Platform to Power Wholesale Parts Digital Marketing Campaign

Ford Motor Company was looking to scale its wholesale parts business, aiming to build awareness and create growth opportunities. With SCI’s PSX platform, it is implementing a data-driven digital marketing program that includes targeted outreach and detailed analysis for ongoing optimization. SCI’s Campaign Builder enables Ford’s dealers to customize its email templates and direct its communications to selected customer lists based on their profiles and needs. Metrics provide insight into campaign performance, including response rates, sales increases and ROI, and dashboards display a variety of trends, helping parts managers identify opportunities to both attract new customers and better service existing ones.

May 2016 – Fords Broadens Use of PSX to Drive Wholesale Growth

Given the success of PSX in powering Ford’s Wholesale Growth Initiative, Ford has expanded the program across the U.S., making PSX an integral part of its operations. PSX is hitting the mark, helping Ford’s dealerships make timely and informed decisions, market more effectively, build lasting customer relationships, and grow their wholesale parts accounts. The centralized system, which was developed specifically to support wholesale account management, enables Ford to drive sales, retain customers and increase profitability.

March 2016 – General Motors Announces New Initiative for Dealers to Adopt PSX

SCI was invited to participate in General Motor’s first national Wholesale Meeting held in Las Vegas, where GM announced that its dealers could apply co-op funds to use SCI’s PSX, a centralized wholesale growth tool that delivers usable analytics to transform businesses. The event gave SCI’s executives an opportunity to present to top wholesaling dealers around the country, where the feedback on PSX was tremendous.

February 2016 – Subaru of America Looks to SCI to Manage Comprehensive Parts Audit

Inventory visibility and accuracy are critical components of a dealer’s operations, which is why Subaru of America turned to SCI to support its monthly parts audit. SCI provides Subaru with quick and easy access to data, assembling information from all parts invoices and doing an in-depth audit to validate all parts transactions. SCI’s data analytics and scrubbing process does a deeper dive into the information than Subaru previously has had access to, empowering Subaru with detailed, accurate data that it can then use to more precisely track inventory, assess transaction trends, meet demand, predict purchases, and increase overall parts sales activity, all in an effort to maximize profitability.

October 2015 – Ford Relies on PSX to Power Wholesale Growth Initiative

SCI announced a partnership with Ford Motor Company and MSX International to bring the power of PSX to Ford dealers as part of the Wholesale Growth Initiative. In search of a better way understand the unique buying habits of its wholesale customers, Ford can now better service those accounts. With actionable insights, Ford is relying on PSX to analyze sales trends and performance so the company understands where improvements can be made, where it can sell more parts, and where potential opportunities exist to capture new accounts, ultimately growing its wholesale business in predictable and measurable ways.

October 2015 – Ford Empowers Service Operations with its New Service Excellence Report 

SCI has partnered with Ford on an exciting pilot program, giving numerous Ford service departments in the Northeast access to a daily performance management report that helps them proactively manage service capacity. The Ford Service Excellence Report, powered by SCI’s ST360 technology, efficiently accounts for the number of advisor and technician services hours available, enabling service departments to forecast productivity, set goals and measure results.  The report, which is emailed daily and easily sharable with all personnel, consolidates information typically found on multiple reports into one easy-to-use report. It serves as an effective coaching and measurement tool for advisors and technicians.

August 2015 – Gulf States Toyota and SCI Roll Out Transaction Performance Management System Across the Region

Through a strategic partnership with SCI, Gulf States Toyota locations have found a better way to align their service operation technician capacity with their production goals, enabling them to better manage productivity and increase sales targets. Gulf States Toyota dealerships have launched the Transaction Performance Management System, powered by SCI’s ST360 technology. This gives Gulf States Toyota service departments the ability to accurately calculate the total number of man hours and set realistic service goals accordingly. They are then able to track actual performance compared to time available in order to better manage productivity. All of the information they need to manage and measure production is consolidated in one easy to access and use report, delivering real-time insight that allows them to proactively make adjustments and maximize sales and service opportunities.

July 2015 – Rolls Royce Selects SCI to Implement Certified Body Repair Program

A motor icon around the world, Rolls Royce is elite and its take on customer service matches this reputation. Under the guidance of SCI, Rolls Royce has implemented a Certified Body Repair Program that delivers maximum levels of consistency and service in the customer experience, while also increasing a shop’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. SCI is helping the automotive legend maintain strict repair standards, stay current on industry advancements, further loyalty, and elevate the customer relationship.

March 2015 – Hyundai Seeks Expertise of SCI to Support Service Profitability Improvement Groups 

Service department operations within most dealerships are often challenged to improve dealer gross profit retention, fixed absorption, customer retention, maintenance sales penetration, and first appointment completion rate. Thanks to an initiative that started with a National Dealer Advisory Council group with the support of SCI, Hyundai dealerships are learning how to measurably achieve these outcomes. SCI has been invited as an expert resource for the dealer and service department manager participants, sharing its real world experience and lasting results. SCI leaders have created a series of seminars that are presented at each meeting, guiding attendees through action plans that lead to profitability, including sales strategies, service management approaches, first appoint processes,  and production processes.

January 2015 – Mercedes Benz Launches PSX to their Dealer Network 

Mercedes Benz dealers are gaining an entirely new level of insight and visibility to manage their wholesale parts accounts, thanks to SCI’s Parts Sales Xcelerator (PSX). With real-time access to data and analytics that tell them exactly how their accounts are performing and where the opportunities are, dealers are empowered to more effectively market, service, retain and grow their wholesale businesses.

November 2014 – AAMS and its Dealership Clients Gain Greater Visibility with PSX 

SCI’s impressive PSX analytics are furthering partnerships and results for AAMS and its dealership clients. Supporting the outside sales functions for a large number of dealership parts departments, AAMS helps these teams more effectively market their parts to local mechanical and collision shops. SCI is providing PSX analytics to AAMS on behalf of the dealers that are also using PSX, equipping AAMS with the information it needs to create even more opportunities for these dealership clients. But it doesn’t stop there. The data visibility also benefits the dealerships themselves, giving them a better way to track the effectiveness of the AAMS sales outreach.

May 2013 – Mercedes-Benz Partners with SCI on Certified Collision Repair Program

SCI has been selected by Mercedes-Benz to provide program compliance verification and help implement its Certified Collision Repair Program. The collaborative effort between the two organizations ensures that certified collision centers meet or exceed Mercedes-Benz’s strict set of repair standards in terms of shop training, customer handling and repair quality.

January 2013 – Toyota to Roll Out Wholesale Parts Development Tool to STAR Elite Dealers Nationally

SCI announced that Toyota is launching SCI’s PSX tool to all STAR Elite dealers in the first half of 2013. Following a successful pilot, Toyota quickly recognized the potential of PSX to help dealers gain greater insight into wholesale parts activities and act on customer buying habits to improve parts sales.

January 2013 – BMW Adopts SCI Training Programs to Achieve Highest Customer Service and Repair Standards

SCI is delivering tailored training programs to help dealers and their affiliated shops create a lasting competitive advantage. Specifically, BMW is leveraging the company’s Collision Advisor Program and Sales and Negotiations Program to ensure standards are being met with every customer repair.