SCI’s renowned subject matter experts have developed cutting-edge automotive service training in technical and non-technical areas to bring manufacturers, distributors, dealer groups and individual dealerships up to best-in-class levels.

Training Courses

SCI serves as the sole vendor responsible for facilitating a number of collision center courses, including those at the University of Toyota/Lexus College and the BMW University Groups. Some of these collision center courses include:


Specialized Training

SCI facilitates and develops specialized technical training courses such as the BMW Aluminum Outer Panel Repair Techniques course and courses for the BMW Service Technician Education Program (STEP). One of the key values of partnering with SCI for automotive service training is the ability to track and confirm the return on investments made. We believe we have succeeded only when our program graduates succeed!

Live On The Drive

We understand that stronger customer satisfaction can drive increased sales, just as an engaging sales process can produce happier customers.

This is why we bring our Live on the Drive training directly to your team – at your location! – to arm your advisors and estimators with the techniques and tools necessary to drive stronger sales and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Through live onsite service advisor training, interactive discussions, role playing and real world examples, our consultants deliver individualized coaching to your team.

Dealerships and repair shops that have participated in our complete hands-on training covering these modules have seen marked improvements in gross profit dollars per advisor, an increase in CSI and higher than expected overall sales!

The Core Training Modules of the Live on the Drive curriculum include:

Performance Groups

SCI Fixed Operations Performance Groups provide an exceptional opportunity for you to take part in a focused, collaborative forum to discuss your service processes, parts and collisions operations.

Collectively, all of us together in the room are smarter than any one of us, individually. This is an intentional understanding that SCI Performance Groups foster. Our nationally-based meetings allow you to meet with other Service and Parts professionals twice a year in multiple regional locations.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from those who are doing certain things well and the ability to help those who are struggling in areas that you are strong in. The content discussed is critical to helping you reach your highest levels of success, while supporting the efforts of others, as well.

Each session offers relevant, proven techniques to improve your operational profit and business processes.